Louis C.K.

Name: Louis C.K.

Age: 50

Role: comedian

Accusations: 9 women have accused him of misconduct, including masturbating in front of them.

Company Reaction: The release of his new movie was canceled. Netflix said it would no longer work with him. His publicist dropped him. HBO nixed his appearance at an upcoming charity function.

C.K.’s Response: Apologized and said the stories were true. Read his full statement in the New York Times. 

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Louis C.K. is Accused by 5 Women of Sexual Misconduct, The New York Times, by Melena Ryzik, Cara Buckley and Jodi Kantor, Nov 9, 2017

This piece in the NYX details not just the allegations, but why it was such a big deal – namely, because Louis C.K.’s success is so unparalleled in the world of comedy.

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