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Julia Kline, Host & Co-Producer

Julia Kline is a speaker, author, coach and consultant. For the last 15 years, she has worked with a range of small to mid-size organizations to increase their productivity and improve workplace culture, through both systems improvement and individual performance.

Julia is a master sales coach and marketing strategist whose mission is to merge capitalism with consent culture. Her first book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling, as well as the forthcoming, Heal Your Sales Wounds™, are both explorations of salesmanship as power. They teach organizations and individuals how to achieve their revenue goals without being pushy, obnoxious and rude.
Julia is also a survivor of both childhood sexual assault and workplace sexual harassment. These experiences sent her on a decades-long healing journey that included everything from traditional therapy to spiritual exploration to restorative justice. The outcome of these experiences is a wisdom and deep sensitivity that isn't common among corporate trainers.
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